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The World of Thelos is a custom campaign world for any roleplaying game system.  Information will be included to use this guide with any d20 system, but with a little effort and creativity the stories, characters, and adventures can fit any system you use. Some players may have old hard copies of the campaign guide. This wiki serves as the final source material and information here supersedes that of any previously printed sources.

World of Thelos

The world of Thelos is one of high fantasy, great magic and growing technology.  Thelos is a large and diverse world on the brink of an industrial revolution, but not one of steam or electricity.  Imagine a world where wild elves live in trees so large that the tops of them are not visible from the ground. A world where dwarven engineers ply the skies in airships and build fantastic machinery never conceived of before.  It is a world where humans ride to battle on flying drakes, and dragons wage destructive battle on the lesser races. Daemons and Seraphs battle for power over mortals, or maintain the balance demanded by the Gods.  That is the world of Thelos.

Basic Geography

The world of Thelos is comprised of two major land forms which are split into four continents. Countless smaller land masses, island chains, and archipelagos dot the seas of the world as well.


Thelos has begun an industrial revolution of sorts, but one unlike any other the players might be used to.  With magic so prominent in the world there has been no need to develop steam engines, harness electricity, or even rely on gun powder, though the last is in use around the world.  Dwarven engineers and wizards have begun to craft machines, weapons, and gadgets that use magic to make them move and operate in ways that were not possible before.  They have even adapted this new power to build magnificent flying ships that are just starting to be seen around the world.  All of this technology is covered in greater detail in later chapters.

How is Thelos Different?

This campaign world is compatible with any d20 game system, but has been more closely adapted to Pathfinder. That said it still varies greatly from what most people will be used to.  Some races, gnomes and halflings most specifically, simply do not exist.  Elves are different, more primal and nature oriented, and several new races are available.  The players and GMs will also notice new and different creatures, more closely tied to the mythological creatures of our world than the adaptations of past RPGs.  We strive to create a world that is high fantasy, but not just a carbon copy of dozens of other worlds.  We hope you enjoy!


Thelos Optional Rules

How is Thelos Different

History of Thelos

Races of Thelos

Classes and Their Roles

The Land and its People

Realms of Faith

Equipment for all Jobs

New Monsters

New Magic

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